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The PN-3 Advocacy Toolkit

The PN-3 Advocacy Toolkit

The Vital Need for Strong Policy and Funding Support during the Prenatal-to-Three Years

Activating the NCIT Messages

Babies are born with amazing capabilities. The early years of life, when brains and bodies grow rapidly, are the foundation for lifelong wellbeing and opportunity. Parents and caregivers must have access to what they need to raise healthy babies and toddlers—who grow into socially, emotionally, and physically healthy children ready for school and life. Families shouldn’t have to go it alone. We know what works: Now, we need a broader coalition of support to advance PN-3 policies and funding.

As NCIT members, we embrace and advance this narrative—as a society, we must prioritize and support babies and toddlers—in all our words and actions. This toolkit is intended to make it even easier for you to convey the values, priorities, and invitation embedded in that idea.

You can use the messages—and these plug-and-play tools—at any time to advance the narrative and make an ongoing case for PN-3. You can also customize them and use them to support your advocacy for a specific issue. Don’t worry about being repetitive: Repetition is key to amplifying the narrative, making the case, and engaging a wider coalition of support.

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