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Check out the Prenatal-to-Three XChange powered by our friends and colleagues at the BUILD INITIATIVE.

The Prenatal-to-Three XChange was created to provide a dedicated online community for prenatal-to-three leaders, advocates, coalitions, consultants, partners, practitioners, providers, and parents…anyone who is a champion for infants and toddlers. The mission is to build a stronger and more effective prenatal-to-three network through the sharing of knowledge and insights to improve the lives of infants and toddlers and their families.

The XChange community not only provides access to timely and targeted resources, members of the XChange can ask questions of experts and peers, engage in discussions, share insights, and post materials they have found most helpful in their work. Additionally, there are regular announcements of events of interest to the community, job announcements and alerts about new research, legislation, and publications.

We are more successful the more we work together to advance better policies, systems, and supports for our youngest children. The XChange can support your work by connecting you to the deep network and expertise of leaders and champions dedicated to prenatal-to-three.