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Farm Bill Action

Join us in making sure Congress doesn’t leave behind infants & toddlers

A child should never be wondering where her next meal is coming from. Here’s some food for thought we can all agree on: our childrens’ young brains and bodies need consistent, high-quality nutrition during their critical years of development. The monthly food benefit provided by the federal program known as SNAP ensures that millions of children, as well as their families, get access to this critical nutrition benefit. During the pandemic, 42% of SNAP participants were children, including 4.5 million infants and toddlers.

But if the Farm Bill — the Congressional bill that supports SNAP — isn’t renewed, this critical support could disappear and leave expectant parents, infants, and toddlers wondering where their next meal is coming from. The Farm Bill’s current authorization expired on September 30, 2023, and the current extension is only temporary. If this worries you as much as it worries us, will you join us in contacting Members of Congress to ensure they extend the Farm Bill? Click below to pledge to join us in contacting your member of Congress — we’ll email or text you when you need to act.

Together, we can make sure Congress doesn’t fail infants and toddlers.