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How To Be An Advocate

How To Be An Advocate

We need you.

When we support them in their earliest years, infants grow into healthy kids who are confident, empathetic, and ready for school and life—and our communities, workforce, and economy become stronger and more productive.

Make an Impact

Join the NCIT nationwide network of advocates working inside and outside state and local government to ensure babies and toddlers are on track for success in school and life by age three.

You have the ability to influence decision-makers and create the change you want to see for pregnant people, infants and toddlers.

NCIT can provide the tools necessary to effectively reach out and influence key decision-makers at the local, state, tribal and national levels to ensure equitable policies are passed and implemented to allow all babies and toddlers to thrive.

You get to decide how and why you advocate. Advocates work with us at all levels, and all are welcome! You can start by replying to a simple email alert in under 2 minutes. You can call your elected officials office and leave a message about policy you want to see passed. Or maybe you have a personal story you want to share in the media or through testimony. The ways to participate are endless! However you choose to participate we are excited you are here and we thank you.

Are you ready to join us? Learn more below and take action.