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Guidance for Engaging with Candidates

Guidance for Engaging with Candidates

The stakes of the upcoming 2024 election are high for parents, infants, toddlers, and families across the country. Prenatal to three issues – from child care, to paid leave, to maternal health, to head start, and more – are at an inflection point.

As advocates, we must stand together to ensure every child has the strong start in life they deserve, starting where the needs are greatest and with those communities most impacted by historic disinvestment and structural racism.

Because if policymakers don’t collectively take action to address the lack of investment in these issues, young children and families will suffer, which is why we have to get it right.

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NCIT is committed to ensuring that every infant, toddler and expectant parent has what they need to thrive. To reach our goal, we need an active & engaged electorate, ensuring equitable voting opportunities for all.

The National Collaborative for Infants & Toddlers encourages you to be an active member of our country’s democratic process. Make your voice heard and exercise your right to vote. Stand for infants, toddlers and their families.

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