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The Crucial Role of Researchers in Policymaking

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The Crucial Role of Researchers in Policymaking

April 17, 2024

The Voice of Academics & Analysts in the Five Policymaking Stages

The best public policy stands on a solid foundation of research. From agenda setting to evaluation, analysts and scholars play a vital role.

In a newly published essay, Prenatal-to-3 Policy Impact Center Executive Director Dr. Cynthia Osborne outlines the five stages of public policy implementation—and the research critical for each stage. The essay appears in the Society for Research in Child Development’s Social Policy Report, in an issue devoted to elevating evidence in the practice of crafting and implementing policy.

The essay draws from a rich history of policymaking scholarship, as well as Osborne’s experience founding two academic research centers focused on the efficacy and equity of state policy.

Read the full essay here.

Find more about our NCIT member organization Prenatal-to-3 Policy Impact Center at their website: