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Urge the Senate to Pass an Expanded Child Tax Credit Today

Every infant, toddler and their families should have what they need to thrive. We know that housing issues, nutrition insecurity and family stress during the first three years of a baby’s life can have devastating effects on developing brains and bodies with lifelong impacts. Families with low incomes need help to provide what their kids need to thrive. But there is some good news.

The House has recently passed a bipartisan plan that would expand the Child Tax Credit and we need the Senate to act. The proposed expansion of the Child Tax Credit, or CTC, would impact 16 million kids including 3 million infants and toddlers. Right now, too many parents are excluded from the benefits of the CTC because they make too little money. This expansion would go a long way to correct that by expanding the CTC to cover roughly 80% of families who could benefit the most!

Got 2 minutes to help infants and toddlers thrive?
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